People say that yoga is Hindu, but “Hinduism” is a problematic term, coined by outsiders for everything they saw going on in India. … Besides yoga, three major religions came from those texts – Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism

yoga is an unassuming, spiritual, and for some, a faithful religious practice. Yoga in America, however, is a secular, multi-billion dollar industry. It is only a philosophical or spiritual practice when we want it to be, and we certainly don’t accept it as a religion

Walking Area

On a weekly basis, if you eat 3,500 calories less than your energy requirement, you will lose 1 pound per week. … If you weigh 150 pounds and walk uphill for 30 minutes at 3.5 mph every day for one week, you will burn 200 calories.

If you add 30 minutes of brisk walking to your daily routine, you could burn about 150 more calories a day. To lose a pound a week, you generally need to eliminate 500 calories a day.


Temple Specility

Human skull. Temporal bone is orange, and the temple overlies the temporal bone as well as overlying the sphenoid bone. … The bone beneath is the temporal bone as well as part of the sphenoid bone.

This can occur as isolated pain in the muscles over the temples even without having pain elsewhere in the head. Tension headache involving this part of the head would be more common if you notice that the pain is worse late in the day or when your are stressed or fatigued.



Idhayam Old Age Homes

We are a charitable old age home organization, to support the unprivileged individuals in their old age.


Nursing & Personal Care

We provide self-contained rooms and 24 hour nursing & personal care for each and every aged person.



All our accommodation rooms are well-furnished and come with plenty of in-room amenities.


Interaction Centre

We try and initiate a better understanding of the problems of ageing from a social perspective.


Medical Check-Up

We conduct routine medical check-up and provide medication to all our elderly patients.


Institutions For Aged

We run institutions for aged for them to keep learning about various new things and expand their knowledge.